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3 things to consider before buying your first family home

Friday, June 14, 2024

Owning a home is a significant milestone, especially for families looking to build a secure future and create lasting memories. For those embarking on the journey of buying their first family home, the process can be both exciting and overwhelming. There are numerous factors to consider, and making the right choice requires careful planning and research.

Condominiums are a great choice for a first family home because of their convenient locations, amenities, and security features. MIRA by RLC Residences, located in Quezon City, is a family-centric community that offers more ways to connect, bond, and flourish with your loved ones.

Here are essential considerations when buying your first family home:

Location and accessibility

Location is vital for family convenience. Proximity to schools, offices, healthcare facilities, and recreational areas can significantly impact your daily life.

MIRA’s prime location in Cubao, Quezon City, ensures that everything your family needs is within reach. It’s near central business districts like Eastwood and Ortigas, commercial establishments such as Gateway, Ali Mall and Farmer’s Market, educational institutions including Ateneo De Manila Grade School, UP Integrated School, and medical facilities like St. Luke’s Medical Center QC. MIRA’s central position reduces commute time, allowing you more opportunities to bond with your family. Nearby transportation hubs such as LRT Line 2 can bring you and your loved ones to destinations outside Quezon City with ease and convenience.

Features and amenities

Finding a central space in the city that can provide family-oriented activities can be challenging. That’s why condo living can be appealing for starting families. Reputable developers bring together top-notch amenities that greatly enhance your lifestyle and overall quality of life.

MIRA offers a wide range of family-friendly amenities designed to support a balanced and enjoyable lifestyle. The Outdoor Play Area is a safe and fun space for children to play and interact with their peers. MIRA’s swimming pools and glamping nooks are perfect for families who want to create lasting memories. Moms and dads don’t need to worry about their kids’ health and well-being, as an onsite clinic will soon provide medical assistance. All these amenities bring convenience and a sense of community, making MIRA an ideal place for families to thrive.

Budgeting and financial planning

One of the first steps in purchasing your first family home is setting a realistic budget. Calculating the total costs involved, including the mortgage, maintenance, insurance, and utilities, is crucial. The good thing is that financing options and flexible payment terms can make homeownership more accessible for starting families. MIRA offers various payment plans to ease the financial burden and make your dream home a reality.

MIRA RLC Residences

MIRA reflects RLC Residences’ philosophy of Raise, Live, Connect. The award-winning developer raises the standards of its residential projects with beautiful and well-designed homes with residents’ needs in mind. Karen Cesario, Head of Marketing at RLC Residences, shares, “Choosing a first-family home is a major decision, and we’re committed to providing a nurturing environment that fosters family bonds and enhances the quality of life. MIRA is designed with the modern family in mind, offering a perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and community.”

Interested families looking to start their first home at MIRA may connect with a Property Specialist through

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Discover the Urban Lifestyle at Citadines Roces Quezon City

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Citadines Roces

Through its latest Citadines property in Quezon City, The Ascott Limited invites guests to an unparalleled urban lifestyle experience. Situated in a thriving business district, this property is the ideal pick for those seeking to fully engage in the dynamic and vibrant essence of city life, thanks to its prime location and outstanding amenities.

Standing as a premiere Citadines property, Citadines Roces Quezon City sets the standard for upscale accommodations and event facilities in the area. At the heart of its allure lies its exceptional banquet facilities, carefully designed to cater to a diverse range of events, parties, and gatherings.

What sets Citadines Roces Quezon City apart is its commitment to providing a seamless and stress-free hospitality experience. By offering banquet facilities alongside its accommodation packages, the property ensures convenience and comfort for both hosts and guests. This unique provision lets event organizers effortlessly coordinate every aspect of their gatherings, from booking venues to arranging accommodations, all under one roof. Guests, in turn, benefit from the convenience of attending events and retreating to the comfort of their rooms without ever having to leave the premises.

The property's strategic location offers easy access to a multitude of corporate offices, entertainment options, dining establishments, and bustling shopping centers, like SM North EDSA and Ayala Malls Trinoma. Whether guests seek cultural immersion, culinary delights, or simply wish to explore the vibrant city streets, Citadines Roces Quezon City serves as the ideal starting point for every urban adventure.

"We are excited to introduce Citadines Roces Quezon City as the epitome of city living. With our prime location and exceptional amenities, we aim to provide our guests with a truly immersive experience in the heart of Quezon City," said Thea Peregrino, Citadines Roces Quezon City’s Assistant Residence Manager. "Our mission is to create a vibrant and dynamic environment where guests can feel at home while enjoying everything this bustling city offers."

Citadines Roces Quezon City features a variety of well-designed apartments, including spacious studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units. Each apartment is thoughtfully furnished with modern amenities, ensuring every guest's comfortable and enjoyable stay. The property also offers a range of facilities, including a fitness center, swimming pool, residents' lounge, and round-the-clock reception and concierge services, providing a seamless and hassle-free living experience.

For those seeking the perfect blend of work and play, Citadines Roces Quezon City offers a social lounge equipped with modern facilities, services, and equipment to accommodate all the needs a professional may have, from working spaces to socializing stations.

Citadines Roces Quezon City invites guests to embrace the vibrant city lifestyle and discover the hidden gems of Quezon City. Whether for a short-term stay or an extended visit, Citadines Roces is committed to providing a home away from home that captures the essence of city living.

Citadines Roces Quezon City opened its doors to the public in January 2024. For advanced bookings, reservations, and updates, visit Citadines Roces Quezon City’s official website and its social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.
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5 Reasons Why Condos Are Suitable for Starting Families

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

The journey into parenthood is a profound and life-altering experience. Parents’ world usually revolves around their little one, and the baby’s well-being and happiness guide every decision. As a result, the home becomes more than just a place to live; it’s a sanctuary where parents nurture, protect, and create lasting memories with their growing family.


Condominiums can be an ideal home for growth-beginning households. Their convenient locations, safety features, and amenities embody the essence of family-centric living. MIRA, a Nordic-inspired property in Quezon City, is a perfect example of a sanctuary that supports and nurtures families.


Find out the reasons why condominium living is suitable for the unique needs and lifestyles of families:


Safety and security

One key advantage of condominiums is they typically have security personnel 24/7 to keep residents safe and secure. This feature definitely helps protect the peace of mind of residents, especially moms and dads. For MIRA, the property takes safety and security seriously as all units have a smart lock feature and an AV intercom so parents can quickly check who is at the door. Moreover, the property has state-of-the-art security features, including round-the-clock security, CCTV surveillance, and secure access controls. On top of these, selected common areas in MIRA can also be accessed via RFID. 


Convenience and accessibility

Another significant advantage of condominium living is its convenience since majority of these developments are located in key urban areas where almost everything is within reach. MIRA’s strategic location in Quezon City provides easy access to hospitals such as World Citi Medical Center, St. Luke’s Medical Center QC, and Quirino Memorial Medical Center, schools like Jubilee Christian Academy, Ateneo De Manila University, and University of the Philippines, transportation hubs including the LRT Line 2, and commercial areas namely Shopwise, Gateway and Ali Mall, making daily errands and outings with the family a breeze. Everything, whether it’s a grocery, school, or hospital, is just a stone’s throw away, even perfect for starting parents who are adjusting to the new responsibilities and lifestyle. 


Community and support

Condominiums also foster a community that is invaluable for parents. MIRA’s family-centric amenities such as the outdoor landscaped areas, pet park, and glamping nooks allow residents to connect with each other and build a support network. The shared experiences and bonds formed within the community can significantly enhance the overall well-being of new and even growing families.


Low-maintenance lifestyle

Condo living promises a low-maintenance lifestyle, ideal for parents who juggle multiple responsibilities. MIRA’s well-designed spaces and amenities require minimal upkeep, allowing moms and dads to focus more on their family and personal well-being. At MIRA, residents may also book essential services like water delivery, housekeeping, laundry, and more right within the comforts of their home through the Ring Rob Concierge. In addition, condo payment settlements, form requests for permits and passes with the myRLC Home App are also plus conveniences.


Access to amenities

MIRA RLC Residences

A wide range of amenities is one of the biggest perks of condo living. MIRA boasts a variety of recreational facilities, including wellness and recreational zones. The property’s amenities also cater to the needs of children through the indoor and outdoor play areas, pet park, kiddie pool, and glamping nooks. These provide endless opportunities to relax, have fun together, and grow. Moms can enjoy the amenities without worry, as the onsite clinic offers easy access to healthcare.


RLC Residences continues to Raise, Live, Connect with MIRA

“Families have always been our inspiration in designing MIRA. We envision this development as a home where they can grow and thrive together through amenities and home features that are specifically tailored to their needs. We hope that MIRA can be a home where new parents can raise their kids so they can all live smart and productive while staying connected to people and places that matter to them,” says RLC Residences Marketing Head and Chief Integration Officer  Karen Cesario.


Families looking to build their future at MIRA may learn more about this pre-selling property by  

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LE PONT RESIDENCES: Pioneering Sustainable Living with EDGE Advanced Certification

Friday, April 19, 2024

RLC Residences receives EDGE Advanced Preliminary Certification for Le Pont Residences. EDGE EAP Communications and Marketing Coordinator and Building Resilience Index Global Team Specialist Pearl Mars (4th from left) joins the RLC Residences Team during the ceremony. (From L to R) Brand Management and Operations Head Dan Carlo Torres, Business Development Assistant Manager Vida Ventura, AVP and Business Development and Design Head Stephanie Anne Go, Marketing Head and Chief Integration Officer Karen Cesario, and Business Development Senior Director Czarina Lugue.


RLC Residences recently recorded a new milestone for Le Pont Residences as the development received an EDGE Advanced preliminary certification from the International Finance Corporation (IFC). The prestigious certification recognizes the developer’s commitment to sustainable development and its leadership in creating a more resource-efficient future.

“Imagine coming home to a beautiful, well-designed condo where you will be greeted by natural light streaming through energy-efficient windows. Picture an open space landscaped with plants within the condo where you can enjoy nature amidst the bustling city landscape. At home, see yourself as a homeowner who contributes to water conservation, thanks to water-saving fixtures installed in your unit. These and more are the things we had in mind when we designed Le Pont Residences, and we at RLC Residences are truly grateful to IFC for recognizing our efforts for sustainable living,” says Stephanie Anne Go, Assistant Vice President and Business Development and Design Head of RLC Residences.

EDGE is a green building standard and certification system that evaluates various developments across the globe. Operating under the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC), EDGE is an initiative that aims to empower developers to build sustainable properties through cost-effective yet environment-friendly means while delivering high-quality buildings.

First EDGE-Certified Condominium of RLC Residences

Launched in January 2023, Le Pont Residences is RLC Residences’ premium development located inside Bridgetowne Destination Estate at Pasig City. Apart from its prime features, the property is designed with various energy and water efficiency measures in place along with sustainability features future homeowners will soon enjoy - making it a qualified recipient of the coveted EDGE certification.

Le Pont Residences is set to have its own rainwater harvesting system within the development, a sustainable feature that will collect and recycle rainwater for non-potable use such as watering of landscaped areas. Inside, common areas and even condo units will have water-efficiency fixtures installed - from showerheads, and faucets to water closets and bidets - all aiming to help conserve water usage within the development. With these features present in the development, Le Pont Residences is evaluated to achieve 34.66% savings in terms of water consumption. 

As for energy features, Le Pont Residences will have efficient lighting in both internal and external areas. Additionally, a well-shaded building facade, ample green landscaped areas, and well-insulated roof and walls will be implemented to help minimize heat without relying too much on cooling systems. As for the parking areas, sensors will be installed to monitor levels of carbon monoxide that will aid in using the car park ventilation system whenever needed while maintaining a good parking area environment. All these measures will contribute to 45.37% energy savings - based on the evaluation certified for by IFC’s local partner, the Philippine Green Building Initiative (PGBI).

“We believe in creating homes that reflect the values and lifestyle of our homeowners, while also keeping in mind the impact of our projects on the environment. Le Pont Residences is one of the projects that brings to life this philosophy, where we've thoughtfully blended sustainable features into every aspect of our clients’ everyday life. We are optimistic that having these features will empower more home seekers to live sustainably, and we're constantly seeking new ways to design homes that are as kind to the planet as they are to you," ends Go.

For more information about Le Pont Residences, visit or follow RLC Residences on Facebook and Instagram.

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Relishing the Summer Season With Shang Properties

Monday, April 15, 2024

The Philippines is an excellent place to revel in the summer season, with countless beaches, islands, and spots in the provinces and the city. In Metro Manila, Shang Properties curates spaces that are tranquil slices of paradise—giving homeowners and residents the ultimate getaway just a few steps away from their doors.

Resort Living at Shang Residences at Wack Wack

Shang Residences at Wack Wack is a private sanctuary in the city. The property is uniquely set amidst lush landscapes, verdant gardens, and sprawling open spaces neighboring one of Manila’s most iconic heritage sites: The Wack Wack Golf and Country Club in Mandaluyong. Units have sweeping views of two 18-hole championship golf courses or the Makati skyline, which are most dazzling during sunset.

Shang Properties’ lush landscapes, verdant gardens, and sprawling open spaces create curated spaces that offer tranquil slices of paradise to its residents. | Shang Residences At Wack Wack

Contemporary tropical luxury resorts inspire the property. The outdoor pools rival those in five-star hotels and are perfect for a refreshing afternoon dip. A kid’s pool is ready for children who want to cool down in the heat. Residents can unwind at the lush poolside pavilion and indulge in a thirst-quenching drink at the cabana.

Shang Properties’ world-class amenities offer a one-of-a-kind summer getaway for its residents | Shang Residences at Wack Wack

Residents can take advantage of the other amenities during the summer. A function room with a breathtaking view of the Wack Wack Golf and Country Club is available for intimate get-togethers in an indoor setup. Kids who want to savor their summer vacation can enjoy the indoor and outdoor play areas.

Shang Properties’ continues its commitment to a balanced lifestyle with its premium fitness centers. | Shang Residences At Wack Wack

Like luxury resorts, Shang Residences at Wack Wack has spaces dedicated to health and well-being. Residents who want to achieve their dream summer body can visit the fitness center or do yoga at the panoramic studio. A refreshing stay in the steam and sauna rooms can cap off an invigorating workout.

Shang Residences at Wack Wack is perfect for those who want year-round resort-style living.

Nature at the Doorstep

Shang Properties has curated an ecosystem of in-house amenities suited for a modern lifestyle at Laya, located in Pasig City. Homeowners can choose between indoor and outdoor spaces, depending on how hot the day is. Nature is at every resident’s doorstep as beautifully landscaped areas dot the property. These spaces are ideal for outdoor activities such as picnicking, reading, or watching the sunset. A dip at the pool is perfect for hot afternoons.

Shang Properties curates an ecosystem of in-house amenities suited for a modern lifestyle. | Laya By Shang Properties

Those who’d rather stay cool can delight in the indoor amenities. A function room is suitable for gatherings, while those who want quiet time can find peace at the library and workspace. Families, meanwhile, can enjoy the children’s playroom, the game room, and the viewing room for movie nights.

Shang Properties understands the quality of life for those who want a modern lifestyle that seamlessly flows from work to play, indoor to outdoor, and season to season. | Laya By Shang Properties

Laya by Shang Properties is the place to call home for those who want a modern lifestyle that seamlessly flows from work to play, indoor to outdoor, and season to season.

Summer Adventures With Shang Properties

Homeowners and residents can have their fill of adventures this summer with Shang Properties.

Update their wardrobe at the Shangri-La Plaza. Shangri-La Plaza is home to a tastefully curated mix of luxury retailers, such as Cartier, Givenchy, Gucci, Rolex, and Yves Saint Laurent, and local favorites like Bench, harlan + holden, Kashieca, and Jewelmer.

Explore gustatory delights at Shangri-La Plaza. The country’s most established upscale shopping and lifestyle destination is also home to international dining options that bring the world to the Philippines. Arya Persian Restaurant and CYMA Greek Taverna offer Mediterranean delights, while Bulgogi Brothers, and Watami bring the best Asian cuisine. There’s Cibo for Italian, Duck & Buvette and La Creperie for French, and Raging Bull Burgers from the best Australian and USA cuts with a focus on high quality grain and grass-fed beef. There’s something for everyone.

Catch the latest movies at the Red Carpet. Red Carpet at the Shang features a state-of-the-art sound system, digital projection equipment, and stadium-type seating. The Premiere Theater further elevates this with wider, reclinable seats in a more intimate setting and an adjoining bar and lounge. Catch April’s blockbuster films, such as The First Omen and Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, in Metro Manila’s premier cineplex.

Glimpse at Shang Properties' exemplary service. See what’s in store for Shang Properties residents with its series of summer-themed open house events at Laya by Shang Properties’ Showroom on April 20 and at Aurelia Residences Showsuite on April 21.

To learn more about Shang Properties, visit the website at and follow Shang Properties on its official social media pages: @ShangProperties on Instagram and Facebook, @ShangPropertiesOfficial on YouTube, and Shang Properties on LinkedIn.

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Alsons Dev earns top honors at the BPI Partners Appreciation Night

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Alsons Dev’s recent recognition from BPI is a testament to its commitment to providing efficient, high-quality real estate services.

Alsons Development and Investment Corporation (Alsons Dev) solidifies its standing as an award-winning real estate developer in Davao City by garnering accolades in title delivery and production during the recent Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Partners Appreciation Night. The event, which took place on March 14th at Plaza Moriones, Fort Santiago, recognizes BPI's top performing business partners in various categories.

While Alsons Dev has been commended at the BPI Partners Appreciation Night for the past five years, this year holds particular significance as it clinched the top honors, being the Top 1 Local Developer in Title Delivery Performance. This award underscores the company’s timely turnover of property titles to homeowners. Additionally, Alsons Dev was adjudged the Top 5 Local Developer in Production based on the number of BPI housing loans booked by the company’s clients. The developer's capacity for both speed and volume are a testament of its efficiency and dedication to top-notch customer service. It also underscores that Alsons Dev properties are a trusted choice for numerous homebuyers.

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Mira by RLC Residences: A Family-centric condominium in Quezon City

Saturday, April 6, 2024

mira quezon city

In the journey of adulthood, thinking ahead and prioritizing the future becomes paramount. Recognizing this, RLC Residences presents its latest family-centric development, Mira, nestled in Quezon City. With its unveiling, prospective buyers find themselves aligned with a property finely attuned to their aspirations.

Mira seamlessly blends modern living with traditional Filipino family values, offering families not just a place to reside but a nurturing environment to thrive and shape their future.

This Nordic-inspired condominium sprawling across 9,500 sqm promises to be an epitome of familial bliss. Upon completion, it will feature four towers encompassing 155,000 sqm of gross floor area, housing 2,150 residential units and 649 parking spaces. This meticulously planned development comprises studio, one, and two-bedroom units, each adorned with balconies and equipped with smart home technology.

The layout includes low and high zones across 27 floors, ensuring ample space and privacy. Furthermore, Mira boasts a vast array of amenities spread over 8,000 sqm, with a significant portion dedicated to open outdoor spaces. From fitness areas to swimming pools, kid's play zones to pet parks, Mira caters to every member of the family.

Strategically situated in Quezon City's bustling hub, Mira residents enjoy seamless connectivity to educational institutions, commercial centers, medical facilities, and offices. Mirasol Street, its address, offers easy access to prominent landmarks such as UP Diliman, Ateneo De Manila University, Ali Mall, and SM City Cubao, facilitating a balanced lifestyle.

The essence of Mira's design philosophy is aimed at nurturing growing families within a vibrant community. It's about providing a city home that resonates with their dreams, offering not just a residence but a nurturing environment. Mira endeavors to empower families to live their best lives while staying connected to the essentials that matter.

In terms of investment, Mira's affordability, flexible design, and innovative features present an enticing proposition for families seeking a harmonious blend of comfort, security, and efficiency in their living spaces.

In essence, Mira by RLC Residences isn't just another property development; it's a visionary haven where families can plant the seeds of their future and watch them flourish amidst the nurturing embrace of a vibrant community.
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Experience Lanson Living: Extended Stays at Lanson Place Mall of Asia

Monday, March 18, 2024

Lanson Place Mall of Asia

Nestled in the heart of Manila, Lanson Place Mall of Asia, Manila promises an extended stay experience like no other. With a focus on personalised hospitality and thoughtful amenities, Lanson Place provides guests with an unforgettable journey of discovery and relaxation. Going the extra mile with a host of benefits, including welcome amenities, daily breakfast buffets, high-speed internet, and discounts on food and beverages. Additionally, guests enjoy access to the Residents' Lounge, where they can engage in curated activities like herb planting yoga sessions and more.

Extended Stay Experience

Situated at the Bay Wing of Lanson Place, from a selection of studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom serviced residences, guests can indulge in stunning views of Manila Bay. These accommodations come with thoughtful features like kitchenette facilities in studios and washer/dryer units for the larger serviced residences.

Meanwhile, the Residents' Lounge provides a tranquil space for long-staying guests to unwind, featuring a minimalist nature-inspired colour scheme and window seating with views of the Galleon. Relax and socialise in our stylish lounge, featuring comfortable seating areas and scheduled events for guests to enjoy

“Exclusive access to the Residents' Lounge is a key feature of our approach. This lounge is designed to foster a sense of community and well-being. To cater to varying interests, we organise exclusive curated activities every quarter. These activities include unique experiences such as herb planting, painting sessions, aqua Zumba, and sunrise yoga to name a few. We believe that providing a range of engaging activities contributes to a more enriching and personalised stay for our guests. 

At Lanson Place, our commitment is to create an environment where each long-staying guest feels not only comfortable but also inspired, ensuring a truly memorable and tailored experience during their time with us” said Antonette Mitschiener, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Dining Options

Lanson Place, Manila offers an array of dining options for all guests. In Cyan Modern Kitchen, guests embark on a culinary journey that pays homage to Filipino delicacies, featuring both buffet and a la carte menus. 

Cyan Modern Kitchen

From classic Hong Kong-inspired noodle soup made with locally sourced ingredients to enticing Indian and Spanish-influenced dishes, every dish is thoughtfully curated to cater to a diverse clientele. With floor-to-ceiling windows providing front-row seats to Manila Bay's magnificent sunset, Cyan Modern Kitchen offers a dining experience unlike any other.

BLK12 Café|Bar

Lanson Place’s Madeleine High Tea also offers guests a cosy high tea lounge experience, complete with tiered high-tea menus featuring locally sourced tea selections from Agusan del Norte, while the BLK12 Café|Bar provides a versatile space for guests to relax and unwind, offering perfectly brewed coffee made with premium beans sourced from local and international growers. For business travellers on the go, Bytes’ grab-and-go counter offers freshly prepared meals made from locally sourced ingredients, ensuring a healthy and convenient dining option.

Long-staying guests receive a 20% discount on food and beverage outlets.

Property Amenities

For relaxation and leisure, the Edge Pool Bar offers a serene escape while sipping on refreshments with its 180-degree scenic view of Manila Bay and the Metro skyline. Indulging in a leisurely swim in Lanson Place's infinity pool provides a holistic experience, seamlessly blending scenic beauty, tranquillity and relief from the hustle and bustle of the city, contributing to the enjoyment during your stay.

Stay invigorated with modern fitness equipment and personalised workout programs, provided alongside a well-equipped gym and spacious yoga studio on the building's top floor, offering a picturesque backdrop for both fitness activities and lifestyle classes.

Enhance your productivity at the Co-working Space, providing access to high-speed internet for work or school. Guests staying in-house for short or extended periods enjoy complimentary usage each week.

To further enrich guest experiences, Lanson Place collaborates with third-party businesses and organizations. Partnerships with Online Travel Agencies and local tourism initiatives underscore the brand's commitment to promoting tourism and supporting the community.

For more information about Lanson Place Mall of Asia, Manila’s upcoming events, and other offerings, visit the official website at 
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Property Market Insider: RLC Residences, Colliers reveals condo trends and insights in recent property preview

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

RLC Residences

IN PHOTO (Left to Right): RLC Residences Business Development and Design Head, AVP Stephanie Anne Go, Sales Group Head Mac Dang, Marketing Head and Chief Integration Officer Karen Cesario, Colliers Research Director Joey Bondoc, and Home Buddies Founder Frances Cabatuando at the brand’s Special Property Preview 


In a recent property preview event, RLC Residences showcased its commitment to innovative design and sustainable living with an insightful discussion about real estate trends alongside Joey Bondoc, Research Director at Colliers International Philippines.

"We are proud to be at the forefront of the Philippine real estate market, offering innovative and sustainable living solutions to our customers," says Karen Cesario, Marketing Head and Chief Integration Officer of RLC Residences. "Discussing with expert property consultants like Joey Bondoc allows us to stay ahead of market trends and provide Filipinos with the best possible options for their real estate investment needs.”

Considerations in property investment

In his talk, Bondoc shares four key considerations and intentions that should drive the condominium market. His list includes location, renting prospect, developer record, and price. 

According to Bondoc, buying a property in the right location is key and respondents of a Colliers study feel the same way as 62% prioritize proximity to offices, malls, and other amenities when buying a condo unit in Metro Manila. This trend is particularly evident in the success of RLC Residences' SYNC N-Tower located in Pasig, which boasts 71% units sold to date. Accessible to Makati, Fort Bonifacio, Eastwood City, and Ortigas Center, SYNC has resonated with urban dwellers seeking a strategically located residence that complements their lifestyle.

Joey Bondoc, Research Director at Colliers International Philippines, during his presentation 

at RLC Residences’ Special Property Preview


Moreover, Bondoc emphasized thinking long-term and considering looking for properties that are projected to attract renters and occupants. In the same vein, a referenced Colliers study entails that 45% of respondents plan to use their upcoming property purchase for end-use while 55% intend to use it for investment. The return of expatriates can also be seen as a significant factor contributing to the demand for investment properties. For this specific niche, Woodsville Crest’s proximity to the airport makes it an ideal rental unit for expats and a smart investment opportunity for Filipinos. Woodsville Crest is RLC Residences’ nature-inspired development located in Merville, Parañaque, which is also accessible to CBDs like Makati and BGC. 

Third on his list, Bondoc advised the audience to put a prime value on developers’ track record when making investment decisions. This bodes well for RLC Residences as the brand brings in Robinsons Land’s three-decade legacy in the industry. A strong track record instills confidence in stakeholders looking for reliable and reputable developers to invest their hard-earned money. This industry expertise is evident in the success of Sierra Valley Gardens, one of RLC Residences’ award-winning pre-selling developments located in Cainta, Rizal that has seen a remarkable appreciation rate of 47% since its launch date in 2020. The project has received multiple accolades locally and abroad for its features such as smart home-ready units, strategic location, and amenities for various pursuits.

Ticking off the first three considerations while also spending within your capability is the ideal real estate investment according to Bondoc. But more than the total contract price, affordability is also determined by the payment terms. He observed that developers have started to offer lower amortization rates partnered with extended payment terms beyond six to 18 months from the turnover date. 

Moreover, sustainability is also increasingly becoming a priority for condominium buyers. Forty percent (40%) of surveyed individuals in a Colliers study consider sustainable features as an important factor when making a purchase. One project that reflects this need is Woodsville Crest featuring vast green spaces and nature-inspired amenities. The development is set to adapt other environment-friendly features such as a rainwater harvesting system for non-potable requirements of the development, bike parking areas, and e-vehicle charging stations. 

Bondoc’s considerations give a sneak peek of the market’s priorities as they navigate the optimistic residential real estate landscape in the country. 

Factors supporting residential demand

Fortunately for budding investors, the Philippine economy is on a trajectory of growth creating a favorable environment for the real estate sector. Data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) showed that the Philippine economy expanded by 5.6% in 2023 and the 2024 growth forecast of multilateral lending firms and credit rating agencies is between 5.8% and 7.5%. This development is driven by various factors including increased remittances from overseas Filipino workers and heightened infrastructure spending. 

Regional economies are also experiencing improvement, with GDP growth per region ranging from 5.9% to 9.3% in 2022. Household spending, fueled by remittances from countries such as the United States, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia, has contributed to this growth. Inflation has also slowed down and the average mortgage rate has remained stable. Unemployment has also decreased, indicating a strengthening labor market.

Infrastructure spending is also seen as a priority for the Philippine government, with allotments increasing significantly from Php 406.59 billion in 2015 to Php 1.3 trillion in 2023. Projects such as the Estrella-Pantaleon Bridge, MRT-3 rehabilitation, NLEX-SLEX Connector, Pasig River Expressway, and the Metro Manila Subway are expected to further enhance connectivity within various cities across multiple regions, which would help and drive property appreciation in years to come.

Looking ahead, the residential demand is expected to be supported by the rise in OFW remittances, the return of expatriates, and the development of more integrated communities. Overall, the Philippine real estate market remains resilient, with strong fundamentals and a promising outlook for the future.

"The Philippine property market is unquestionably on the rebound, showing strong signs of recovery. We're witnessing a glimmer of hope, or whatever you want to call it, at the end of the tunnel. The Philippine economy is undeniably on the upswing. Many are asking us, 'When is the right time to invest?' The answer is clear: the right time to invest is now,” Bondoc remarked. 

Individuals looking to invest in residential real estate can check out various RLC Residences condominium projects at
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#TeamSouth: 5 things to enjoy and look forward to in the South

Monday, February 26, 2024

Woodsville Crest

Team South or Team North? The running quip among friends is that Southies ( or Southerners - slang for people living in the South of Metro Manila) have always been adjusting to those living in the North. While this must be true for some, the South has its own offerings that people can enjoy and love. Its strategic location and connectivity are just two of the reasons why RLC Residences chose the area to be the home of its nature-inspired development, Woodsville Crest.

Woodsville Crest, RLC Residences’ soon-to-be Oasis South of Metro is located at Merville, Parañaque making it accessible to Metro Manila’s central business districts (CBDs) and the vibrant lifestyle destinations in the South. Recently, the developer launched Olive, Woodsville Crest’s latest building that offers a holistic living experience for a gentle blend of work, leisure, and community life. Learn more about the perks of living in the South below. 


Southies can say ‘Yes!’ to more #TravelGoals this year as the Ninoy Aquino International Airport is within reach so flying in and out of the city or the country is such a breeze. Moreover, if you’re living in Woodsville Crest, aside from being just 5 kms away from the airport, there’s an added benefit of being able to have a post-trip relaxation with its nature-inspired design filled with vast open green spaces and multiple relaxing pools. 

So accessible (especially to CBDs)!

There are so many places people can go to in the South, thanks to being well-connected to different cities through major roads like the Cavitex-C5 Link, SLEX, and Skyway which has also improved the traffic flow in the area. Additionally, upcoming transportation developments Laguna Lakeshore Road Network Project and LRT-1 Extension are already underway which will soon make the South more accessible than ever. 

Aside from these, future residents of Woodsville Crest can also enjoy being connected to key destinations, thanks to its direct access to Edison Avenue and West Service Roads. Going to work or even leisure destinations within the area is going to be easy and convenient.

Lots of hangout spots! 

When it comes to hangout places, the South boasts of well-loved dining, shopping, entertainment, and recreational options. The Molito Lifestyle Center is a go-to destination for a reason with its curated dining options and shops while still having a laid-back alfresco park at the center. And just a few stones thrown away are Alabang Town Center (or ‘ATC’ as legit Southies call it ;), Festival Mall, which has its own indoor roller coaster, plus BF Homes - which is literally a home to multiple food destinations. South experience won’t also be complete without visiting the relaxing beaches and resorts in Batangas, Cavite, and Laguna. 

Exciting activities!

Culture vultures in the South bask at two of Metro Manila’s top entertainment and leisure destinations: Solaire Resort and Newport World Resorts known for staging world-class plays, musicals, ballet shows, and more. On the other hand, outdoorsy types can also take advantage of the Southwoods Golf and Country Club, while historical sites in Cavite and Laguna also offer a fun yet informative experience to those in search of other activities to enjoy.

Dampa seafood and more

Seafood lovers living in the South are in luck as the area, particularly Parañaque, is a haven for those craving Dampa-style seafood. The Dampa area, a fresh seafood market with accompanying restaurants, is just around the corner. Simply buy your seafood of choice and ask the chefs to cook it how you like.

Aside from this, nearby provinces also offer delectable dishes plus delicacies that everyone can enjoy. Famous Batangas Lomi, Laguna’s sought-after Buko Pie, and Cavite’s Bibingkoy are some of the favorites Southies are proud of.

“There’s really a lot to love in the South and we’re happy to contribute to the long list through Woodsville Crest. With its strategic location, future residents can enjoy the balance of an exciting and peaceful lifestyle,” says RLC Residences Marketing Head Karen Cesario. 

For those interested in seeking their sanctuary in the South with Woodsville Crest, visit

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Aurelia Residences' Topping Off Ceremony Marks a Milestone in Luxury Living

Friday, January 26, 2024

Photo (From Left to Right): Ms. Maria Rochelle S. Diaz, Executive Vice President Commercial of Shang Properties Inc., Mr. Wolfgang Krueger, Executive Director of Shang Properties Inc., Mr. Lance Gokongwei, Chairman of Robinsons Land Corporation, Atty. Karlo Marco P. Estavillo, President of Shang Robinsons Properties Inc., Mybelle Aragon-GoBio, Senior Vice-President and General Manager for the Robinsons Industrial and Integrated Developments and Robinsons Logistix and Industrials divisions, Mr. Chad Sotelo, Vice President of Shang Robinsons Properties, Inc.

Aurelia Residences, the beacon of sophisticated urban living in Metro Manila, achieved a remarkable milestone on January 24, 2024, as it celebrated its Topping Off Ceremony, reaching the summit of its tower. This event not only signifies a physical accomplishment but also underscores the unwavering commitment and vision of Shang Robinsons Properties Inc., a joint venture between Shang Properties Inc. and Robinsons Land Corporation.

The prestigious Asia Property Awards recently bestowed upon Aurelia Residences the title of "Best High-Rise Condo Development in Asia." This international recognition, alongside the "Best Ultra Luxury Condo in Metro Manila" and "Best Condo Development in the Philippines" accolades from the 11th PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards, solidifies Aurelia Residences as an architectural marvel both locally and globally.

The awards reflect the development's dedication to excellence and innovation. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for providing an unparalleled living experience, Aurelia Residences is reshaping the landscape of luxury properties in the heart of Metro Manila.

"Atty. Karlo Marco P. Estavillo, President of Shang Robinsons Properties, Inc., expressed, "Today is a momentous day for Aurelia Residences, and we are thrilled to share this milestone with everyone. The Topping Off Ceremony marks a significant step towards realizing our vision of creating a residential masterpiece that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our discerning clientele."

Aurelia Residences

As construction progresses, Aurelia Residences remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering a property that not only meets the highest standards but also sets new benchmarks for exemplary luxury living. Soon to be an iconic structure in the central business district of Bonifacio Global City, Aurelia Residences promises to redefine the standards of opulent living.

For those eager to learn more about Aurelia Residences, visit the official website at Stay updated on the latest developments and announcements by following Aurelia Residences on Instagram (@AureliaResidences) and Facebook (@aureliaresidencesofficial). Experience the epitome of luxury living as Aurelia Residences continues its journey towards becoming a residential masterpiece in the heart of Metro Manila.
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Citadines Roces Quezon City Sets a New Standard in Upscale Living

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Citadines Roces

Citadines Roces Quezon City made a spectacular entrance into the cityscape on January 19, 2024, ushering in a new era of urban lifestyle experiences. The grand opening event was nothing short of excitement, with guests treated to engaging activities, a property tour, and a delightful culinary experience at Alejo, the in-house modern Filipino restaurant. on City, and the allure of its strategic location.

The inauguration event was graced by esteemed personalities, including Ascott Country Manager Philip Barnes, Citadines Roces QC Assistant Residence Manager Thea Peregrino, and other key figures from JG Jinmen Leisures Corporation, the Lim Family, the Local Economic Investment and Promotions Office, and the Department of Tourism. The ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the beginning of Citadines Roces Quezon City's journey towards redefining upscale living.

The Residence Manager, Thea Peregrino, expressed the vision of Citadines Roces Quezon City in creating a dynamic environment aligned with the vibrant spirit of Quezon City. The aim is to offer guests an experience where they can grow their love for the city during every moment of their stay.

With 185 well-appointed apartments, Citadines Roces Quezon City provides a sanctuary that captures the city's essence while ensuring the utmost privacy. The six main room categories cater to diverse preferences, emphasizing space optimization and guest comfort.

Citadines Roces amenities

Beyond the apartments, the property boasts a range of facilities, including a fitness center, swimming pool, laundrette services, and a lounge. Meeting rooms and function rooms equipped with modern amenities cater to the needs of professionals, seamlessly blending work and play.

Alejo, the in-house modern Filipino restaurant, stands out as a culinary gem. Combining traditional tribal aesthetics with contemporary design, Alejo offers a warm ambiance that celebrates Quezon City's vibrant spirit. Executive Chef Kris Espinosa invites guests to embark on a flavorful journey rooted in the rich tapestry of Philippine culinary heritage.

Alejo's menu features standout dishes like Soft Shell Crab Okoy, a crispy and succulent delight paired with pinakurat vinegar and Calamansi vinaigrette side salad. The Duck Leg Adobar, showcasing tender duck leg confit bathed in adobar sauce, is another must-try.

Situated near the Metro Manila Skyway, Citadines Roces Quezon City serves as a gateway to the city's attractions, offering easy access to corporate offices, entertainment options, and shopping centers like SM North EDSA and Ayala Malls Trinoma.

For those ready to explore Citadines Roces Quezon City, an early bird promo awaits with up to 35% off on stays. To secure your spot and stay updated, visit the official website and follow the social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Citadines Roces Quezon City emerges as a beacon of upscale living, blending comfort, style, and a vibrant urban experience. With its grand opening setting the stage for an inspiring year ahead, this property invites you to discover your love for the city in a dynamic and luxurious setting.
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Luxurious Living Experience at 1001 Parkway Residences in Filinvest City: The Soon-to-rise Tallest Residential Tower in Alabang

Thursday, January 4, 2024

1001 Parkway Residences

In a resounding testament to its unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled living experiences, Filigree, a renowned luxury real estate brand, recently hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for its prestigious project, 1001 Parkway Residences. The event provided a tangible glimpse into the project's progress, with excavation works in full swing this fourth quarter of 2023 and the much-anticipated first pouring scheduled for the first quarter of 2024.

The groundbreaking ceremony witnessed the presence of key figures, including Filinvest Alabang Inc. President & COO Catherine Ilagan, Senior Vice President for Residentials & Estates Daphne Sanchez, and other distinguished personalities like Andrew Gotianun III, Winnie Lim, Cherie Fernandez, and Jun Rodriguez.

Daphne Sanchez, Senior Vice President for Residentials & Estates, expressed excitement about the future prospects of 1001 Parkway Residences. She stated, "With the recent groundbreaking milestone, future residents of 1001 can look forward to all the benefits of high-rise living in a cosmopolitan neighborhood." She emphasized that the project's allure extends beyond its iconic location along Filinvest City's Millionaire’s Row, as it seamlessly merges two highly sought-after worlds.

Upon completion, 1001 Parkway Residences is poised to become the tallest residential tower in Alabang, making a bold architectural statement against the backdrop of Filinvest City’s skyline and expansive park system. The property's interiors and meticulously designed amenities will showcase understated elegance, offering a perfect blend of beauty and functionality.

Residents at 1001 Parkway Residences are promised a holistic live-work-play concept. Common amenities promote a healthy lifestyle and community synergy, while private spaces prioritize the integration of beauty and functionality. Each unit features a balcony for residents to relish the outdoors within the comfort of their homes, and strategically placed windows ensure ample natural light and ventilation. Garden units offer breathtaking views of the future Creekside Park.

Adding to the allure is the property's strategic location in Filinvest City, the country’s first LEED Gold-certified central business district. Situated along Millionaire’s Row at Spectrum, Filinvest City’s premium district, residents enjoy convenient access to essential establishments – from commercial centers and shops to leisure venues and parks, all within close proximity.

As construction progresses, 1001 Parkway Residences is set to redefine upscale living in Metro South’s garden business district, seamlessly blending nature and urban living. To embark on this journey of opulence and sophistication, visit Filigree's official website. Elevate your lifestyle at 1001 Parkway Residences – where luxury meets the art of living.

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